When you’re building a career, it can be a challenge to stay motivated and inspired.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal career coach cheering you on, day in and day out? A coach might not be in your budget, but a well-written career blog can offer the daily dose of go-get-‘em-tiger inspiration that you need.

Here are five career-focused blogs to bookmark and check regularly.


1. Work Coach Café

Are you searching for a job? This blog advises how to impress your future boss during the interview, networking missteps to avoid, how to make employee referral programs work for you, and many more dos and don’ts.

Who it’s for: Job seekers

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2. Water Cooler Wisdom

Blogger Alexandra Levit writes about the hot-button issues that modern employees face, like gender bias in the workplace, the skills gap, and communication between millennials and older employees.

Who it’s for: Everyone

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3. Leading Blog

Whether leadership is part of your official job description, or you simply aspire to be in charge, this blog is for you. Michael McKinney offers empowering, practical articles to expand your leadership skills.

Who it’s for: Anyone with the need to lead

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4. Women on the Fence

Should you take job offer A or B? Should you go back to school or hang onto your current job for a few more years? Blogger and life coach Erica Diamond encourages women to get off the fence and make strong choices that align with their dreams.

Not limited to business advice, Erica’s posts cover romance, parenting, and health, too.

Who it’s for: Busy career women

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5. Penelope Trunk

Inc. called Penelope Trunk “the world’s most influential guidance counselor” – and it fits. Her writing is rooted in providing helpful and engaging advice on topics such as how to write a resume, do a phone interview, and ask for a raise.

Who it’s for: Everyone

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