Educators today need a deep understanding of learning styles, instructional technology, and non-traditional classrooms.

That’s one reason why a Doctor of Education (EdD) is so valuable. It allows students to dive into current issues affecting education and learn how to implement systemic change.

The following five specializations provide an opportunity for EdD graduates to become experts in their areas of interest.

1. Performance Improvement Leadership

The performance improvement leadership specialization provides a solid understanding of the strategic and tactical issues related to staff improvement processes and initiatives in educational institutions. Students will focus on improving organizational performance in this specialization.

Related job titles to explore*:

  • Chief learning officer
  • Director of training and education
  • Director of talent management
  • Director of distance learning

2. Reading and Literacy

Students of a reading and literacy-focused doctoral program will learn how to build the foundation for reading and writing in diverse educational settings by evaluating student needs, measuring results, assessing student outcomes, and providing administrative leadership.

Related job titles to explore*:

  • Curriculum specialist
  • Adult basic education director
  • Reading or literacy coach
  • Director of reading or literacy program


3. Curriculum and Instruction

From collaboration in music programs to re-thinking how testing is used, educators in the curriculum and instruction specialization will learn how to collaborate with teachers, administrators, and districts in order to develop more effective instructional methods.

Related job titles to explore*:

  • Director of assessment
  • Director of instruction
  • Curriculum director
  • Lead instructional designer


4. Adult Education

Students in this specialization focus on teaching adults how to acquire new skills and become leaders among their peers. The curriculum includes evaluating instructional technology in adult learning settings, leading the teaching process for adult students, and facilitating communication and collaboration between nontraditional students. This specialization is a good fit for professionals who desire to work in nonprofit, government educational organizations, corporations, or colleges and universities.

Related job titles to explore*:

  • Dean
  • Academic affairs vice president
  • Director of training and development
  • Full-time, adjunct, or part-time faculty of education courses


5. Educational Leadership

Graduates with an education leadership specialization teach others how to work in diverse environments, process generational differences, and communicate effectively to all players on the team. EdDs with this focus can help others provide effective leadership at all levels of an educational organization.

Related job titles to explore*:

  • P-12 Education: Program director
  • P-12 Education: District teacher development coordinator
  • Higher Education: President
  • Higher Education: Vice president for student affairs

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*These are examples intended to serve as a general guide. Because many factors determine what position an individual may attain, Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure a job or any specific job title.