Searching for jobs can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Make every minute count by putting some powerful apps on your smart phone. You could be networking, searching for jobs, and brushing up on your interview skills while you commute to work on the bus, ride the elevator, or wait for a meeting to start.


Networking Apps

You’d think with the proliferation of online job search sites and corporate career centers, that old-fashioned networking for the sake of a job search would be out-of-date. Not even close. Networking remains an integral part of the job search process.

Check out these four apps for guidance on networking in the digital age.

  • Reach (iOS, Android) – By leveraging LinkedIn and location data, Reach allows you to connect with professionals nearby who are looking to meet new people with similar interests. This can come in handy if you’re at a networking event and want to pinpoint who is in the room with you. Reach also helps you find events that fit your interests and aspirations.
  • CityHour (iOS, Android) – Set your own open hours for networking and view available professionals nearby with CityHour. Refine your search and customize your profile based on your industry and interests. You can request to meet with anyone on the app and arrange a time and location that works best for you both.
  • LetsLunch (iOS) – Everyone needs to eat, right? Why not multitask by meeting a local professional over lunch. LetsLunch helps you make arrangements with other users who are interested in meeting for a bite and a conversation.
  • LinkedIn (iOS, Android) – The most well-known professional social networking site, LinkedIn has some great features in its mobile app. Besides easily posting updates about yourself, refining your profile on-the-go, and instantly sharing network news, you can quickly reply to people who’ve recently looked at your profile for real-time networking opportunities.


Job Search Apps

With so many job-search websites out there, it can be an overwhelming task to find open positions that fit your career path. These two apps can help streamline the process for you.

  • Job Aware (iOS) – Comb listings from multiple sites, compare salaries, and apply for jobs directly from your phone or tablet. Refine your search by company, location, and more. You can also integrate your LinkedIn account to take advantage of your established network.
  • Switch (iOS, Android) – Dubbed “Tinder for jobs,” Switch was originally developed for IT professionals and has since expanded to include more industries. The easy-to-use app matches you with jobs and companies that fit your profile. You simply swipe right if you’re interested. A cool feature of Switch blocks your profile from any companies listed in your job history, so you don’t have to worry about a current employer seeing your job search activity.


Interviewing Apps

Learn how to ace the interview portion of your job search with a little help from these two apps.

  • Job Interview Question and Answers (Android) – Get coached on how to answer common interview questions with this interactive app. You can practice answering questions like “Why do you want to join this company” and “Tell me about a time when you failed,” all while recording your answers so you can (gulp!) listen back and identify areas of improvement. The app also includes short videos from a career coach that review what employers are really looking for in your responses.
  • Charlie (iOS) – This app can be used well beyond the interviewing process and into your job. Charlie helps you make personal connections with people you’ve never met before. By combing through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more, Charlie serves you a summary of a person’s interests and alerts you if you have anything in common. You can walk into an interview confidently prepared to break the ice by talking about something you know they’re interested in – like a favorite TV show or a past employer you share.


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