Tests come in lots of shapes and formats: true-false, multiple choice, essay questions, etc.

But Capella University doesn’t use those kinds of tests to measure the educational progress of students.

Instead, Capella faculty, who are experts in their fields, rely on authentic assessments designed to measure your ability to do practical, real-world tasks. These assessments simulate the type of work you would be expected to do on the job. For example, a business course assessment might require you to draft a project proposal—which involves thinking strategically, forecasting a budget, forming a team, and communicating clearly.

Such assessments are a core part of Capella’s competency-based curriculum. When students are required to demonstrate competency through these assessments, they’re not only equipped with the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen professions, they’re also prepared with the practical skills needed to contribute in their career immediately.

Here are additional examples.



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