How do you keep up with the latest trends in an industry such as health care, brimming with ever-changing developments?

Scouting out blog articles is one way to stay updated on health care news and information. Industry blogs can offer at-a-glance updates with links for deeper dives to keep you on top of industry happenings. But which ones should you read regularly?

Here are four blogs that provide insightful views and opinions from trusted leaders in health care.


1. The Health Care Blog

Named the “leading insider voice in the field” by The Wall Street Journal and “the authority” by The New York Times, this blog covers a wide range of topics including the business of health care, national health care policy, technology, and daily health care news.

Who it’s for: Physicians, health care executives, policy administrators, and health care technology professionals.

Featured post: Adam Wright, associate professor of medicine at Harvard, dives deep into the topic of health care information and management systems in “What’s the Definition of Interoperability?


2. Health & Human Services Blog

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) works to enhance and protect the health and well being of Americans. The HHS blog covers topics and trends relating to health care insurance, the Affordable Care Act, and personal experiences.

Who it’s for: The general public, health care professionals, state health care leaders, and government officials.

Featured post: Helping to Deliver Better Care: How One Experience Changed My Life” provides an inside look at Alicia Cole’s personal experiences post-surgery with sepsis and the reasons she supports the improvement of safe and affordable health care through her involvement with Partnership for Patients. The blog features many other #GetCovered stories of personal health care experiences.


3. Public Health Matters Blog

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Matters blog covers the continual strides being made to protect and save lives through education, awareness, research, and promoting healthy lifestyles. Public Health Matters provides perspectives and personal experiences of scientists and subject matter experts who work on the front lines of emerging infectious diseases and public health emergencies.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking for general preparedness, public health, disease, or natural disaster information—health care professionals and the general public alike.

Featured post: Back to School—Be Prepared!” discusses emergency preparedness planning related to school life. The post offers tips on how to build an emergency kit, make a family disaster plan, and know how individuals will reunite with their kids if there is an emergency during the school day.


4. ACHe News

While it’s not a standard blog, ACHe-News is a great source of information for members of the American College of Healthcare Executives, an international professional society of 40,000 health care executives who lead hospitals, health care systems, and other health care organizations. ACHe-News is delivered to all members biweekly and features the latest ACHE news and resources, as well as an aggregate of current articles from leading publications.

Who it’s for: ACHE members.

Featured post: A recent issue provided an article for physician executives: “Gain Strategies for Improving the Patient Experience.” Other issues have included topics around infection prevention and control, understanding implications of the ACA, and professional development opportunities. One caveat: You do need to be an ACHE member before gaining access to the post.


Blogs are a great way to stay current on health care trends and practices. If you’re ready to take your health care education a step further, consider an online health care degree from Capella University.