“When it comes to providing career advice, I really have to live under the motto of ‘do what I say, not what I do’”.

Gordon Helle is a Career Counselor at Capella University. In his role, he provides career development support (i.e. job search strategies, resume and cover letter help, interview tips, and more) to current students and alumni in the schools of Public Service Leadership and Nursing & Health Sciences. He also leads quarterly seminars for Capella students on career exploration and effective job search strategies. With his background in counseling, Helle works with individuals, no matter where they are in their career process, to help them better manage and develop their careers.


Maybe through some openness, I can help you get past the barriers that I’ve faced.”


Even though he has found success in his own career and has helped many others find their own success, Helle has broken almost every job search tip that he suggests to others. In a candid LinkedIn article, he shares his tips for overcoming the barriers that even career pros like him face.



“Whether it is not tailoring my resume, sending out a generic cover letter, blindly applying for roles without telling people in my life I am looking, or applying for roles I don’t remotely qualify for, I’ve done it all.”


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