It’s one thing to talk about Capella University’s support services—it’s quite another to see it in action.

FlexPath BS alumni and current MBA student Tapitha Jamison is just one recipient of the comprehensive support students receive at Capella. Here’s her story, and a glimpse at who helped her and how.


Tapitha’s Story

Tapitha was a teen mother who dropped out of high school at 16. Although she always had intentions on going back to get her degree, she joined the workforce so she could generate a steady income. Her education was forced on hold. Her job provided enough income to take care of her family, until the company she was working at eliminated her position. She found herself looking for another job and came to the realization that she needed a high school education to find a decent one.

Tapitha studied for 9 months and passed her GED exam on her first attempt. She enrolled in a local community college to pursue an associate’s degree as a paralegal, but she soon realized that was not enough for her.


“I did not want to stop there. I knew if I stopped to get my associate’s degree, it was going to be enough for me to say ‘Hey, I think I can re-enter the work force with a clerk job.”



Tapitha decided that as a working mother, earning her bachelor’s degree was going to be most attainable by attending an online institution. She ended up going through five other online institutions before she found what she was looking for at Capella.


“Numerous people played a part in my success at Capella. Right from the initial interviewer to the FlexPath advisor; everyone was focused on the single goal that I was looking to accomplish.”


Tapitha finished her BS in Business Administration in 18 months, making her the first and only member of her family to have a college degree. She currently works as an executive assistant for two senior managers. Tapitha is in Capella’s MBA in Business Administration program and intends to keep going until she has her doctorate. Her daughter was so amazed and inspired by her mother’s story that she’s now only 12 credits away from completing her bachelor’s at Capella.


“I found myself starting this journey not even having the confidence that I could do it. To go from that to being an inspiration for not only my daughter, but to other young women, and to give them confidence that they can succeed, is one of my life’s greatest achievements.”


(Part of) Tapitha’s Capella Support System

Meet some of the Capella support staff that helped Tapitha reach her goals.



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