Have you ever thought about getting an online degree to advance your career, but aren’t sure where to start, or even if it’s a good fit for you?

At Capella University, an enrollment counselor is your guide in helping you find the degree program that’s right for you, assisting with the admission application, and walking you through the financial aid process. Simply put, they’re here for you. Think of them as your coach, your cheerleader, your guide to all things Capella (and sometimes beyond).


What Is an Enrollment Counselor?

An enrollment counselor’s sole purpose is get to know you, your personal motivations and professional goals, and help you find the best way to reach them. (Even if that means waiting to enroll or not seeking a degree at Capella. Enrollment counselors have your best interest in mind.)


Building a Relationship with Your Enrollment Counselor

When you first contact Capella, you’ll be directed to an enrollment counselor specific to your desired area of study. Your personal enrollment counselor has extensive and ongoing training in your field and can offer insight about courses, career paths, and the skills in demand by employers. Many Capella enrollment counselors are also students or alumni and can speak with first-hand knowledge about what to expect.

Communication is key to easing the enrollment process. Capella enrollment counselors focus on personalizing the experience for you, answering and asking questions along the way.


Top 10 Things Your Enrollment Counselor Can Do For You

Here are some tangible topics that will be part of your ongoing discussion about your educational needs and goals.

  1. Help find the program that “fits” you. Initially, you might contact Capella because you’re interested in one particular program. But after talking through your goals and motivations, your enrollment counselor may suggest a different program altogether that better meets your needs.
  2. Figure out program costs. Not sure how much it will cost or how to pay for your degree program? Your enrollment counselor will help you determine total costs, assist with the financial aid application process, and help you find an affordable solution to meet your education goals.
  3. Run interference. Your enrollment counselor will talk you through your concerns, objections, and misgivings about going back to school, doing it online, affording tuition, finding time, etc. Be open and honest with them about any roadblocks you foresee, and they will help you find a way around them.
  4. Assist with course credit transfers. Have college credits, but not sure they’ll transfer? Your enrollment counselor will do the research for you to see if you can get credit, and therefore save time and money at your chosen Capella program.
  5. Estimate your graduation date. By discovering your goals, finding the right program for you, evaluating your credit transfers, and more, your enrollment counselor can help you map out an estimated completion date for your program.
  6. Guide you through the admissions process. Applying for a degree program can seem overwhelming at times. Your enrollment counselor will help you through it, step by step.
  7. Hold you accountable. We know that sometimes life can get in the way of getting things done. Your enrollment counselor will follow up with you to help ensure you’re able to complete each step of the enrollment process.
  8. Get you oriented. From ordering course materials to sending you through the online orientation, your enrollment counselor will set you up for a successful start.
  9. Introduce you to your academic advisors. After you’re enrolled and oriented to your program, your enrollment counselor will transition you to an academic coach, who will help you through your first year at Capella. After that, you’ll work with a program advisor. Learn more about academic advising at Capella.
  10. Always be there for you. Even after the enrollment process is complete and you’re well into your program at Capella, you can always reach out to your enrollment counselor with questions or just to check in. Many students or alumni will send their friends and family to their personal enrollment counselor to help them get started at Capella.



Enrollment counselors are just the first line of Capella support to help you through your experience. Learn about more of Capella’s support and enrollment services