As new data breaches, thefts, and hacking events are reported at a mounting pace, organizations of all kinds are prioritizing cybersecurity.

This means information security teams are growing—and often becoming more specialized. Today’s cybersecurity professionals regularly use these seven essential tools to complete the specific tasks that make it possible to manage, analyze, and protect data and systems:

  1. Data management and analysis tools provide data insights that assist with decision management and deployment, such as SASXLSTAT, and IBM Analytics.
  2. Identity management and access governance solutions like Hitachi ID Systems and Oracle Solutions provide the ability to bypass traditional administration password updates. Instead, administrative access is provided via user identification.
  3. Patch update software such as ShavlikSymantec, and DameWare can assist with managing timely patch updates to keep systems up-to-date.
  4. Advanced threat detectionsoftware like CyphortMalwarebytes, and AVG protect data by detecting advanced malware, prioritizing remediation, and automating containment.
  5. Mobile and cloud security solutions like Lookout, which delivers predictive mobile security. StratoKey and Hewlett Packard Enterprise ensure secure access to cloud-based data.
  6. Endpoint detection and response software like Tripwire and Digital Guardian can find, contain, analyze, and remediate threats.
  7. Firewall solutions such as AlgoSec and Check Point Software Technologies assist with managing outbound traffic via firewall optimization steps.

Additional industry resources

To help professionals keep their industry knowledge current and discover new resources and solutions, a variety of institutions and agencies provide information security resources and support. These organizations often use social media to discuss current trends, tools, and industry news.

While there are many information security tools available for cybersecurity professionals, only solid knowledge and skills make it possible to find and utilize the right tool at the right time. A career path that includes high-quality education and industry certifications can help prepare professionals for on-the-job success.

Capella University’s information cybersecurity degree and certificate programs can help prepare you with hands-on learning using tools commonly used in the industry.