If the question of whether or not to invest time and money in college-level education causes you heartburn, you’re not alone.

Many prospective students worry that they won’t be able to make the grade at the bachelor’s level. Others wonder if an online approach to learning will be a good fit for them. Still others question whether they’ll be able to balance coursework with work and family obligations.

Such anxieties are not uncommon for people considering a bachelor’s degree—which is why Capella University has developed a strong partnership with Sophia Pathways, a program that allows individuals to dip a toe in online learning and test their ability to handle college courses.

“Sophia provides an opportunity to take the first step in a low-risk, small-commitment way,” says Garrett Lauderdale, an account executive at Sophia Learning. Sixteen general education courses are offered in the following areas:


  • Communication: Conflict Resolution, English Composition, Visual Communications.
  • Humanities: Art History, Religion.
  • Science and Math: Algebra, Biology, Environmental Science, Statistics.
  • Business: Accounting, Project Management, Intro to Business.
  • Social Science: Psychology, Sociology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics.


Sophia courses can be accessed in just minutes with a few simple keystrokes. Unlocking the free trial is an easy experience—you can sample the first portion of any course by logging on and supplying a name, email, and password.


Inexpensive, Self-Paced, and Supported

If you like what you find at Sophia, you can easily convert the free trial into a credit-worthy experience. The price of a single Sophia course is significantly cheaper than the cost of many online options (and no textbooks are required).

The allure of Sophia courses isn’t just the savings, but also the ability to learn at your own pace, says Lauderdale. The self-paced format allows students to work through course materials as time allows. While each course is designed to be completed in 60 days, students can complete the work in a shorter period or receive a free 30 day extension if other obligations take priority. “Plus, if you have prior knowledge of an area, you can move through the material more quickly and spend the time on topics you’re less familiar with,” Lauderdale says.

Finally, students apprehensive about the online approach can find reassurance in the wealth of coaching and support that’s available to them. “We offer unlimited student coaching support—through chat, email, phone— and at no cost,” says Michael Patch, a client services manager at Sophia. “We always have experts on hand to help answer your questions or explain concepts.”

Many Sophia students go on to enroll in Capella courses, Lauderdale says. But it’s their experience with Sophia Learning that reassures them that they can succeed in a more intensive program. “It’s an easy way to test your abilities and enthusiasm,” he says.




Learn more about Capella’s partnership with Sophia Pathways and how to apply general education credits at Capella .