“FlexPath is really the best way for me to get an education.”

Linda Collar is a respiratory supervisor in a hospital system in North Carolina. In 2016, she received a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management through FlexPath, Capella University’s self-paced learning format.


Collar started college directly after high school, but it didn’t fit her needs. She turned to community college to get her associate’s degree, and then began working. At the time, an associate’s degree was enough for her career in health care, and the time and financial commitment to continue on to a bachelor’s degree didn’t make sense to her.

She advanced in her career, but as her field evolved over 30 years, her lack of a bachelor’s degree became a problem. After years away from school, however, she had many concerns about how she could accomplish her goals. FlexPath answered each one.


Concern #1: It was too late to go back to school.

“I felt like I just didn’t have the motivation to work one or two jobs, go sit in a classroom, and then go home and do the homework. But FlexPath was comfortable for me. I’m older, and I still want to have a life along with school and work and all of that. FlexPath really allowed me to work at my pace.”


Concern #2: It would take too long.

The thought of spending three years in a traditional program was daunting to Collar, and when she started with Capella’s GuidedPath format, she quickly realized it wasn’t going to work for her. But with FlexPath, she accelerated through her learning, and completed her degree in 18 months. She was so encouraged by her undergraduate success that she’s now enrolled in a master’s program, again via FlexPath. “I wouldn’t do my master’s if I couldn’t do it through FlexPath.”


Concern #3: I’ll have to put my family on hold.

“My father was very sick at one point, and even though I had to go up to Michigan and sit in the ICU waiting room, I was still able to do some of the work but I was also able to concentrate on the things I needed to concentrate on.

“I think a lot of people are scared to go back, or they think, ‘I’ve got to put my family or my work on hold,’ but you really don’t. I tell them it’s something that you can do and you can fit it in.”


Concern #4: I won’t be able to handle the work, or I’ll have to spend time on things of no interest to me.

“Honestly, at this point in my life, I really just wanted to know what the coursework was, and then do my research and learn. I didn’t want to have to write posts and answer posts. I know for a lot of people that’s the way to go, but I’m not comfortable with that because sometimes it’s all I can do to answer my e-mails.

“FlexPath really fit in my life because I could see what I needed to learn, I could see what the work was that I had to do. I did a lot of writing, and that’s a strength for me. It was much easier to take that strength and barrel through.”

In particular, Collar found her FlexPath coach to be tremendously valuable.

“I had a wonderful and very supportive coach for my bachelor’s work, and my new coach in the master’s program is also fantastic. I can contact them any time I need support. They’re great.”


She’s such a fan of FlexPath that she’s recommended it to a few of her co-workers who want to go back to school. Her advice?

“If you’ve got experience in your career, if you’re further along in your life, FlexPath is much, much better. I absolutely recommend it. FlexPath is the best way to get your education.”


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