Shannon Archer started her working life as a sign language interpreter.

Although she didn’t need it in her current role, she found herself wanting to go for a bachelor’s degree. But as often happens, life got in the way.


FlexPath the Answer to Juggling Family and Work

“I always wanted a bachelor’s, and I was always interested in psychology,” Archer says. “But I have a full-time job and two kids. I didn’t know how it would work.”

While working as an educational assistant, Archer began researching her options, thinking that a bachelor’s would be something she could use to open doors in her career. She was unsure of a brick-and-mortar program because of her work and family commitments, so online seemed like the logical choice.

When she discovered that Capella University’s Bachelor’s in Psychology program was available in the FlexPath format, she immediately realized that this was what she’d been looking for.

“FlexPath was amazing,” Archer says. “My current job is supportive and flexible enough that I could sometimes work on my classes at work as well as at home. Working at my pace, on my time, was the best way for me to do this.”

Considering an Expanded Educational Journey

“I’m a very independent person, and my Capella coach saw that right away,” Archer says. “He helped me by checking in regularly, but I was very motivated. And the tutors were so helpful.”

She completed her degree in September 2016, but she may not be done with school yet. “I learned so much about general theories of psychology,” she says. “I use them all the time in my job. I understand why people behave the way they do, the way they think, and the way they act. It also allows me to have a better foundation in responding.”

It’s also led her to think about a future career in psychology. “I’m thinking hard about a master’s in psychology via FlexPath. I want to work either with the prison inmate population and study recidivism, or I’d love to work with teenagers and young adults. Either way, I can make a difference. And the bachelor’s was the first step on my journey.”


Learn more about Capella’s online BS in Psychology program, available in GuidedPath and FlexPath learning formats.

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