Keith Hoffman had always dreamed of moving to Florida.

But he had to consider the needs and wants of his four children, who didn’t want to relocate from central Pennsylvania, where Hoffman’s family currently lives. What’s more, he wasn’t sure if he could land a job in the Sunshine State without a college education.


Experience, But No Degree

Hoffman has more than three decades of professional experience in information technology. He currently works as a senior IT administrator at a small private liberal arts college and says he enjoys his work in the education sector. But getting hired at the senior level at another institution would require at least a bachelor’s degree, he says. So to prepare for the future, Hoffman recently enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Information Technology program via FlexPath, Capella University’s accelerated learning format.

“I’m busy, so I needed a way to get a degree that didn’t require that I go and spend a certain amount of hours in a physical classroom,” Hoffman says. Capella fit that description, and the FlexPath format offered him the opportunity to move through his coursework at his own pace.

“The reality is, I spend a lot of time focused on the coursework. I have a goal,” Hoffman says.  “I squeeze in a few hours of studying whenever I have time.”


An Employer that Values Education

Because his employer encourages its employees to educate themselves, Hoffman is able to crack the books with his bosses’ permission if he has a free hour or two during the workday. He also spends time on assignments for a half hour before going to work, studies over his lunch break, and fits in a couple of hours or more after dinner.

Self-motivation is key to succeeding in FlexPath, Hoffman says. “Occasionally you have to contact a tutor. But most of the time in order to keep moving you have to be able to find the answers on your own. You have to be disciplined and driven.”

Hoffman was able to use his past experience and certification credentials to test out of some degree requirements, but he also knew that much of his coursework would center on new technologies. “I was surprised that things were so up to date,” he says of the content in his courses.

“I really love it,” Hoffman says, who has rapidly progressed through the program since he began in January, taking advantage of the FlexPath format. “I’m already considering going for a master’s degree, even though I don’t have to in order to qualify for most jobs. I enjoy the learning.”


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