A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education can accelerate career opportunities for teachers and school administrators.

Capella University’s advanced higher education degrees have helped many educators move forward in their careers – and for one graduate, it meant the difference between being a school administrator and achieving his goal of leading a school.


Dr. John Luukkonen started his Capella education while beginning a new job as a mid-level administrator at a college. As he began his doctoral studies, he started to steadily advance in both title and salary.

After his graduation with a PhD in 2004, Luukkonen was offered the position of Dean of Arts and Sciences at TCI College of Technology in New York City, along with another increase in salary. “My doctoral degree has been, financially speaking, it’s been quite rewarding for me,” said Luukkonen.

In addition to the financial benefits, Luukkonen has been able to have more fun in his job because of his position. “Where a lot of satisfaction comes in is that I can decide to do things, come up with ideas, pursue ideas, be creative in ways that I couldn’t if I weren’t in the position that I have right now.”



If you’re considering a PhD in Education, you’ll be interested to know that this degree focuses on the following areas of study:

  • Develop mastery of curriculum strategies for diverse adult populations.
  • Learn ways to analyze education practice itself and become a scholar-practitioner.
  • Understand effective organizational strategies to manage education organizations.
  • Be able to administer proper ethical and scholarly standards for students and instructional staff.


All of Capella’s online education PhD programs have flexible course schedules, so you can maintain work hours while you study. Capella also offers a dissertation mentor program to help you through each step of the dissertation process with academic and administrative guidance.


For Dr. Luukkonen, the learning environment at Capella and the knowledge he gained in his PhD in Higher Education Leadership program really transformed his career. “I wouldn’t be in the position that I have right now, I believe, if I didn’t have my doctorate.”

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