If you’re considering an online university to advance your career, your best partner for success might just be found in the academic advising office.

Whether you need a degree to get the promotion that’s in your sights, or want to cultivate specific skills to expand your professional portfolio, an academic advisor can help.


Capella University’s Approach to Academic Advising

Academic advisors are a staple in the higher education environment. They are available to help you navigate the sometimes difficult path to gaining your degree.

Traditionally, academic advisors have taken a reactive approach—counseling students who have encountered a roadblock after enrolling in a school or starting a program. Advisors answer calls and take meetings with students as needed, tackling problems after they occur. This approach can help fix any issues that might come up, but it does nothing to prevent them from happening in the first place.

To help you achieve your educational goals, Capella acts as a partner in learning. Instead of waiting for you to contact them, Capella’s academic coaches reach out to you – often before you even realize you need them.

Your coach will help you create an academic plan that fits your motivation, your timeline, and your life. They take your past experiences as well as your future goals into account to develop a personalized path to success. But that’s not the end. You’ll get individual support throughout your educational experience at Capella.


How It Works: From Academic Coaches to Program Advisors

At Capella, academic advising begins with an academic coach and continues with a program advisor. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Academic Coaches: An academic coach introduces you to Capella during your first year, setting you up for long-term success. Through a series of quarterly appointments and as-needed counseling, they’ll help you get comfortable with the Capella learning experience – orienting you to policies, communities, technology, etc. Most importantly, they’ll teach you how to take ownership of your degree and career by tailoring your program to your personal goals and experiences.
  • Program Advisors: A program advisor picks up where first-year academic coaches leave off. They provide support, guide your decisions, and help you resolve issues until graduation. Experienced in your chosen field of study and familiar with your specific program, advisors are able to provide valuable insights about courses, instructors, and resources.


Academic coaches and program advisors interact with students in a variety of ways, including:

  • Phone Calls: Great for initial and in-depth counseling sessions to discuss your goals, navigate challenges, and celebrate successes.
  • Email: Got a quick question that doesn’t require a huge discussion? Shoot your academic coach or program advisor an email. They’ll respond with answers as soon as they can.
  • Facebook: Yes, they’re on Facebook! Through the Facebook Schools App, you can have private chat sessions with your advisor and connect with other students, alumni, and instructors.



Capella graduates often credit their academic coaches and program advisors for their success. The one-on-one support, personalized guidance, and emotional investment make a real difference in an online education environment.

Learn more about academic advising and student support services at Capella.