Capella University believes strongly in the value of education and is proud to support those who choose this profession.

It’s a field that’s ever-changing, and teachers more than ever need access to education and resources to continue being successful. There are many ways Capella supports educators, and these are the top 5.

1. Personal empowerment. Education is not a static profession. In order to be able to help students learn, educators need to continue their own education. “The field of education is constantly changing, so as a teacher, I need to constantly be learning as much as I can to stay on top of my game, and then give my students the best education I can,” says Michelle Ferre*, MEd FlexPath student and fourth-grade math and science teacher.

But as teachers who are working in the field, combining a degree program with full-time work can be a challenge. Capella’s flexible degree programs can be set around the student’s life and calendar, giving them empowerment over their education and progress towards their goals. They can succeed on their terms.

*Michelle is an actual FlexPath student compensated for appearing in Capella promotional materials.

2. Accredited and trusted. Capella understands the value of accreditation and reputation, and that’s why it was a high priority to gain accreditation and work with industry partners to equip educators with accredited, respected, and reputable degrees that provide teachers the skills they need to be successful. Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Capella University’s Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) is accredited based on the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Standards through 2024. CAEP is the only recognized national accreditor for educator preparation. Capella was also awarded an Innovation Award by Eduventures Inc. Eduventures is an organization that provides primary research, analysis, and advisory services to help students with their educational decision-making processes.

3. Lifelong learning. “Personally, I want to be an example of a lifelong learner for my students,” says Ferre. “I want to show them what it’s like to continually better yourself through education.” As education continues to evolve, pursuing continued education is key to success. That’s why Capella offers education masters and doctoral programs along with free professional development courses, and opportunities to earn clock hours and certifications along the way. Whatever their current level, and whatever level they want to attain, Capella has a program for them.

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4. Flexibility. Online learning provides a number of options for flexibility that aren’t as easily obtained in traditional programs. In addition, Capella offers flexible degree programs, including a Master of Education via the FlexPath format, which allows students to move entirely at their own pace. It’s a format that can make all the difference in managing life and school, says Capella student Laura Mucha*. “I always wanted to go back, but I needed so much flexibility,” Mucha explains. “My life has so many moving parts and pieces. I couldn’t see how I could work on a degree that had a rigid schedule. I loved the fact that I could do things on my time, at my location, when and wherever that was.”

* Actual FlexPath graduate who agreed to appear in Capella promotional materials.

5. Career and professional development. Often, teaching licenses will require continuing ed credits to keep the licensing current, and Capella can help with that. Education students can earn clock hours at no cost through a number of complimentary professional development courses—and what’s more, if they decide to pursue an advanced degree, they can apply those credits to a degree program for a small fee. Besides continuing ed, there is value in pursuing an advanced degree, as Mucha discovered when she completed her master’s degree. “Earning the degree helped open doors for new professional possibilities,” she says. “I’m now co-teaching with a team of teachers at the high school level developing a new structure to ensure students requiring special education receive all instruction in the regular classroom with the rest of their peers.” There was an additional bonus for her: “I really made strides helping my students improve their writing skills using techniques I learned at Capella. I’d even tell my students, ‘Hey, in grad school today, I learned this.’ I think it was inspiring for them, too.” 

Capella is invested in helping educators pursue their goals of lifelong learning by providing a variety of flexible learning options that make taking this next step possible. Explore Capella’s professional development courses and online education degrees.

Follow Michelle on her journey with Capella University’s FlexPath option.