Adults consider going back to school for a wide variety of reasons, but no matter why they want to return, the challenges of doing so can seem overwhelming.

It’s one thing to attend school full-time as a young adult with few other commitments, but many adults already have a full plate: jobs, families, volunteering. And that’s not even addressing the issue of cost. A format like Capella University’s FlexPath can make a big difference in a busy adult’s life. Here are some of the benefits that FlexPath can provide.


1. Flexibility.

“I chose the FlexPath format because it fit perfectly with my busy life. I didn’t have to change the schedule of my other activities; I just integrated FlexPath into my plan.” – Samuel Thurman*, MBA

Brick-and-mortar programs have rigid schedules that may or may not work with the rest of your life. The opposite is true with FlexPath: You set your own deadlines and complete as many courses as you want each term at your own pace. You can work quickly, but if you need flexibility to slow down for things like family emergencies, you’re in control, and you determine how best to juggle work, family, life, and school.

“This format was instrumental in the successful completion of my degree. I’m sure I could have finished without it, however, I would have missed out on my life as I was going to school. The flexibility of FlexPath provided time for me to attend my child’s ball games and school functions, volunteer, and spend time with my family, all while working toward my degree. Also, the FlexPath format helped keep me motivated because I knew I had the power to finish earlier that I otherwise would have.” – Danielle Brown*, BS in Psychology


2. Self-Paced.

In a traditional program, you carry the same pace from semester to semester, and it doesn’t matter if you have some familiarity with certain subjects—it will take you the same amount of time to complete that course as it does for one in which all the material is new. That’s not the case with FlexPath. So you finished a course in two weeks? There’s no need to wait for the start of the next term to move to the next class—you can start right away. Because you set your own pace, how long your degree will take depends on what you can manage. FlexPath also allows you to leverage your knowledge and experience to help you move more quickly through your program.


3. Subscription-Based Tuition.

With FlexPath, you pay one flat tuition fee per 12-week session**. How fast you go in your studies in that session is up to you. There’s no limit to the number of courses you can complete in each session. So the faster your pace, the more affordable it becomes.

**Books, supplies and other fees may apply.


“I chose FlexPath because it gave me the option to complete my degree at my own pace with the added benefit of choosing how much I pay based on how quickly I completed my degree.” – Megan Princewill*, BS in Psychology


4. Leverage What You Know. .

Because you already have a lot of knowledge and experience, you can move faster through what you know and take your time on what you need to learn. Capella’s competency-based learning gives adult students hands-on and relevant skills, abilities, and knowledge that, in many cases, can be used right away, rather than at the end of the degree. Programs are aligned with industry standards, and faculty are practitioners who are well versed in what their fields need right now. They focus on providing education that can be implemented immediately in the workforce.


“I leveraged my career experience in most of my courses. My capstone project was based on a project that I am currently undertaking for our system departments, and I included direct research and data that I am already accessing. The Capstone is part of a larger work project that will play a major role modifying our workflows.” – Linda Collar*, MBA



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   *Actual Capella graduate who agreed to appear in promotional materials for Capella.
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