Few industries and professionals are experiencing as much change as those in the Information Technology (IT) field. From cloud computing to mobile development and the internet of things to personal web security, the IT industry is in the midst of big changes.

You may be asking, what’s the best way to stay ahead and grow in your career? The answer likely includes both informal and formal learning.

If pursuing an advanced degree is on the horizon, consider this. An MBA is best if you are interested in managing and overseeing an IT organization. An MS can help you become an expert in your area of study.

Capella University offers two master’s programs with a focus on information technology—a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science (MS). To move toward a decision, ask yourself: Would you rather be an IT generalist or a specialist?


MBA Information Technology Management

The MBA emphasizes IT-focused management of a business. Graduates learn how to lead projects and teams to accomplish objectives such as new technology integrations and business intelligence reporting.

Though IT is the specialization, graduates are prepared for planning within all facets of business management. Skills learned include:

  • Management techniques specific to leading both people and projects.
  • Project strategies and the ability to create plans to efficiently deliver IT project rollouts.
  • Evaluation of the best technical solutions to help meet an organization’s changing goals.

Ideal for: Professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of IT and are seeking general positions that require both business and IT expertise.


MS in Information Technology

The MS degree builds technical expertise as well as helps students learn to make sound business decisions within IT settings. Graduates leave school ready to take responsibility for their team’s productivity while managing projects to completion. Skills learned include:

  • Evaluate and implement enterprise technology systems.
  • Design and monitor data architecture systems to support essential business functions and manage risk mitigation.
  • Leverage business intelligence data to help drive strategic decision making.

Ideal for: People who have a wealth of IT knowledge and would like to pursue IT management roles.


With the IT industry continuing to evolve, those who succeed must be committed to ongoing education. New skills learned in advanced degree programs can help you in your existing and future IT career.


Learn more about Capella University’s online MBA or MS in Information Technology programs.

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