Industry experts predict that demand for information security professionals will significantly outstrip the professional talent pool within a decade.

If you’re hoping to boost your career or income, focusing on information security could be your key to success. So how do you get into the field or advance your skills?

To help guide information security professionals in answering those questions, Capella University recently launched a new website, Information Security Career Central, which provides a collection of resources, expert advice, and links related to information security. The site provides up-to-date information about hiring trends, job types, skills development, industry certifications, educational opportunities, and other subjects related to information security.

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“The field has expanded so much in terms of diversity and opportunity,” says Sue Talley, Dean of Technology in Capella University’s School of Business and Technology. “For individuals who enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles and creating solutions in an ever-evolving environment, information security can be a great match.”

*Interviewee Sue Talley retired in 2016.

Visit Information Security Career Central to learn more.