If you’re going to invest time, money, and effort in going back to school, shouldn’t your degree program be tailored to teach you everything you want to learn?

In other words, if you could design your own degree, what would it look like?

At Capella University, MBA students have the option of customizing their program to fit their specific needs. Here are some commonly-asked questions and answers about the program.

How is a self-designed MBA unique?

Capella’s MBA program requires students to take seven core courses and three electives. Typically, students would choose their electives based on their specialization: human resource management, project management, or health care management. But students who wish to design their own MBA can choose any 4- or 5-credit graduate-level course as electives (even in other schools such as Education, Information Technology, or Psychology, provided that the student meets the course’s prerequisite requirements).

Why would a student choose that option?

Suppose you want a business degree, but you ultimately want to lead a technology team. To prepare yourself for that path, you might choose two IT courses and a leadership course as your electives.

Or perhaps you want to focus on consumer marketing. In addition to taking marketing classes, you could round out your education with some psychology electives that give you insight into human behavior.

Does this route take longer or cost more than other online MBAs?

No. Because you’re simply tailoring your electives to meet your needs, there is no additional cost to you.

Is a self-designed MBA right for you?

The self-designed MBA is perfect for students who have clear goals and want to customize their experience to meet their needs and their career aspirations. It is also a great fit for students who want to explore what interests them.  Now you can get what you need—an MBA that can help advance your career—as well as what you want: an educational path where you’re in control.

Learn more about customizing your degree program to fit your specific needs with Capella’s self-designed MBA. Looking for something a little more defined? Check out Capella’s other online MBA degrees to see if there’s a better fit.

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