The field of accounting encompasses much more than day-to-day financial operations and recordkeeping.

While accountants turn financial statements and other documents into insights that a business can leverage to make better decisions, they are also frontline resources when it comes to financial viability and success.

You may know accountants as professionals who prepare profit and loss statements, devise tax strategies, and conduct audits, but did you know an online accounting degree also affords you the opportunity to support clients with small business growth, leadership, and succession planning?

Consider the following four opportunities in the accounting field.

1. Support Small Business.

With small businesses comprising more than 99% of all U.S. employer firms, there is an ongoing need for accounting professionals to provide support and services to these organizations. Take the Affordable Care Act, for instance. Complicated programs like this open up the need for qualified accounting professionals to provide guidance on regulations and compliance. Accountants that specialize in small business can help break down complicated information in terms owners can understand.

2. Develop Thought Leadership.

Demonstrate that you have extensive knowledge in accounting trends and that you keep up with new technology and media in order to continue your education. Get to know the industry or industries you work in. Learning tax laws and implications is one thing, but understanding how these laws directly impact the business goes beyond and develops trust.

Show your expertise when it comes to cutting-edge technology and specific industry-related information in way of blog posts, speaking engagements, roundtables, and bylines in revered industry publications. In this way, you will be able to provide leadership for clients or employers at a level that is a cut above your peers.

3. Embrace Diverse Career Paths.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you are no longer bound to a public CPA firm as may have been the norm years ago. In this era of accounting, new career paths abound giving graduates the opportunity to work in public practices, corporations, or international firms. In addition, there is a need for expertise in diverse areas such as forensic and investigative accounting, nonprofit accounting, or environmental accounting.

4. Provide Expertise for the Future of Business.

A quarter-million Americans turn 65 each month, and based on the corresponding rate of retirements, financial planning is (and will continue to be) an ongoing need for businesses of all sizes. Accounting personnel with skills in financial succession planning and an understanding of fiscal responsibility in areas of retirement, mergers and acquisitions, or the longevity of the business will be in high demand.


If you’re considering a career in accounting, know that your responsibilities can extend beyond creating accurate reports and understanding tax laws. Get ready for your future in accounting with a Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting Specialization or Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting CPA  Specialization at Capella University.

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