Interested in pursuing an advanced degree in higher education, but unsure of which path to choose?

Capella University offers three specializations within the Master of Science in Higher Education program, providing real-world ways to acquire and apply learning theory, leadership and administration skills, and knowledge of current trends and best practices.

Explore the details of each so you can choose the path that best fits your career vision.

1. Higher Education Leadership and Administration

This specialization focuses on history, politics and public policy, law and governance, finance and development, and program administration of higher education institutions.

This may be the right degree for you if you’re interested in…

  • Communicating and collaborating as a leader in higher education.
  • Managing change and resources in higher education organizations.
  • Applying relevant higher education theory and research to personal leadership skills and practice.
  • Applying technology to implement data-driven decisions.

Related job titles to explore:

  • Academic advisor
  • Assistant director of student affairs
  • Program director
  • Coordinator of diversity affairs
  • Community services coordinator
  • Residence hall supervisor

2. Adult Education

This specialization concentrates on learning styles of individuals from various backgrounds, collaborative learning, and program development tailored to the adult student.

You may be interested in this specialization if you want to…

  • Apply adult education principles and theories to instruction, program development, and enhancement of learning.
  • Adapt strategies and methods to address the characteristics of adult students.
  • Evaluate how globalization and diversity influence educational outcomes.
  • Integrate effective communication practices that support adult learning principles and expectations.
  • Apply reflective strategies that lead to improved personal and professional practice.

Related job titles to explore:

  • Instructor
  • Adult education teacher
  • Adjunct or part-time faculty of education courses

3. Integrative Studies

The Integrative Studies specialization is designed for mid-career professionals and leaders in a variety of settings, including adult and higher education, alternative educational programs, health care, and the military. You’ll learn about the theories, critical thinking, research, and strategies behind higher education settings, and gain a foundation in educational philosophy and assessment. The flexible curriculum allows you to tailor the program according to your needs.

Choose this specialization if you’re interested in…

  • Integrating effective teaching and strategies in diverse professional settings and disciplines.
  • Applying leadership practices that support change in educational environments.
  • Applying concepts of diversity, ethics, and critical thinking to solve problems.
  • Engaging in ongoing professional development.

Related job titles to explore:

  • Director of Education
  • Education specialist
  • Continuing education coordinator
  • Assessment coordinator


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