Capella University’s approach to learning centers on competencies—gaining the skills, knowledge, and abilities sought by top employers.

Competency-based education is particularly useful for working professionals who want to apply their learning immediately or who may need to demonstrate particular skills and know-how to advance in today’s workplace. And Capella’s one-of-a-kind competency map is a visual dashboard that lets students track their demonstration of career-relevant competencies through each of their courses.


capella university competency map example


Here’s how it works:

  • Each course at Capella focuses on several competencies.
  • Students must demonstrate mastery of multiple criteria within each competency to complete a course.
  • When faculty assess assignments, their evaluation of a student’s demonstrated level of proficiency on a course competency shows up on the competency map, which acts as a real-time indicator of performance.
  • Students know at a glance how many criteria they’ve completed, and how well they’re doing.

Students, faculty, and advisors can reference this dashboard to celebrate educational achievements and identify opportunities for improved focus. Students can also use it to supplement transcripts or resumes, or share it with employers to demonstrate areas of strength.

The competency map is automatically updated as assignments are evaluated, providing an instant snapshot of overall progress. This kind of visualization can provide significant motivation as students move closer to the completion of their degree.


Discover all the benefits of competency-based education.