When Dr. Jay Greenspan sought options for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), he had strict qualifications.

A pediatrician who constantly juggles a complicated schedule, Greenspan wanted a program that could adapt to his clinical duties and expand his medical management knowledge.

His story highlights the value of management and business skills in the health care industry – and why an online MBA program helped him advance at his hospital.

Greenspan believed that attaining a hospital leadership position would create greater opportunity to advocate for his patients. In order to reach that level, he realized that he needed a broader understanding of the business aspects of medicine.

“I knew in the early 2000s that if I wanted to progress in leadership in medicine, I needed to have a business background,” Greenspan said. “My MBA was very powerful in getting me my promotion.”

Capella University’s online MBA program provided flexibility for Greenspan to finish at a pace that matched his needs. He was able to quickly finish courses that pertained to his existing knowledge, and proceed at a comfortable pace in classes that were new to him.

Two years after graduating with his MBA, Greenspan was named chair of pediatrics at DuPont Hospital for Children and Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.

If you are considering an online MBA to help further your career in health care, here are 4 considerations to help you make the right choice. Look for programs that offer:

  • Flexibility, like FlexPath, to put you in control of your learning so it fits your schedule.
  • Insight from experienced faculty to help you understand the missions and goals within health care organizations.
  • Analyses of current events related to health care to prepare you for changing economic, social and political landscapes.
  • Mobile-access learning opportunities to align with your busy schedule.

Dr. Greenspan found these qualities in Capella’s online MBA program. His experience shows how Capella’s flexible learning paths can help health care professionals achieve career goals.

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