Keeping up with everything that’s happening and changing in the nursing world has gotten a little easier in recent years, thanks to a proliferation of nursing podcasts.

“As busy professionals, it is sometimes difficult to stay abreast of current trends and changes in the healthcare landscape.  Podcasts are an amazingly simple way to stay connected with industry developments and self-care strategies.  Especially since it takes no additional time out of our busy day as we can listen to them while we go about our routine activities such as exercise or our daily commute,” says Christy Davidson, DNP, associate dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Here are some of the podcasts that can help you stay current, whether you’re a student, an entry-level nurse or someone with years of nursing experience.

1. Your Next Shift.

Nurse Elizabeth Scala has created a weekly podcast that provides career techniques, support, and encouragement for nurses at any career level.

Featured Episode: Nurses Can Apply Evidence-Based Practices to Healthy Habits. Nurse Tierra Owen, founder of Nursing Ourselves, discusses ways nurses can improve their own health, resilience, and work-life balance in order to be even better at nursing.

2. NRSNG Podcast.

NRSNG is devoted to nursing education, specifically to making resources more available for nursing students and providing support, encouragement, and networking opportunities.

Featured Episode: Three Study Hacks to Master Anything in Nursing School. There’s a lot to learn, and NRSNG’s podcast team wants to make it as manageable—and achievable—as possible.

3. Nurse Talk.

Nurse Talk Media is hosted by two highly experienced (and opinionated!) nurses with great insights and senses of humor. They frequently host guests for lively discussions on topics of particular interest to nurses, including health care policy, workplace issues, and advocacy.

Featured Episode: Protection Against Workplace Violence for All Nurses. RN Jane Sandoval discusses the risk factors that can lead to violence against nurses in the workplace, as well as an initiative by California nurses advocating for stricter legislative requirements for health care workplaces.

4. Notes on Nursing Live.

This podcast is a companion to the Nursing Notes email newsletter produced by Johnson & Johnson. It covers a wide range of nursing topics, from specific health specialties to larger questions of leadership and innovation.
Featured Episode: Award Winning Nurse Inventor Rachel Walker on Nurses and Innovation. Walker is a nurse who has considerable experience in rural emergency medical and disaster relief. In this podcast, she discusses some of the inventions she’s developed through that work and how it has made her a change agent for modern health care and nursing.

5. FreshRN.

Capella University Master of Science in Nursing student Kati Kleber, along with two other nurses, put out regular podcasts focused on the basics of the first year of registered nursing.

Featured Episode: How to Trust Your Nursing Judgment. Several nurses discuss how they learned how to trust themselves and their nursing judgment as they transitioned from nursing student to full-fledged practicing nurse.

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