Capella University recently graduated one of the first classes of FlexPath students, and their stories bring a new light to the model—first-hand experience with measurable results.

FlexPath is a competency-based education direct assessment model, giving adult students a self-paced degree program option. It’s a model ideally suited to working adults who want or need to earn a degree while juggling the rest of their lives (jobs, families, activities, you name it).

March 2015 FlexPath graduates
From left to right: Tracy Dudley, John Scafide, Jacob Sullivan, Rhiannon Paradise, and Tapitha Jamison.


It’s one thing to say what FlexPath is in theory; it’s quite another to hear what it’s actually like from those who’ve experienced it. Four 2015 BS in Business Administration graduates talked with Mike Buttry, Capella’s vice president for public affairs and communications, about why they chose FlexPath and why it was a good fit for them.


A traditional university and program just didn’t work for Jacob Sullivan. What did? The flexibility of FlexPath, with learning he could apply immediately and directly in his job.


Tracy Dudley had years of work experience under her belt, but felt professionally incomplete without a degree. FlexPath fit her schedule, and the support she received helped her achieve her goals.


It took John Scafide 12 years to get his bachelor’s degree; he’s using the momentum and enthusiasm he gained through FlexPath to now get his MBA.


Tapitha Jamison got her GED at 39. Then she got her associate’s degree. And then, she found Capella. Eighteen months later, she’s the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree.




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