Thinking about getting a degree (your first or perhaps something advanced), but hesitant to invest the time, effort, and money this kind of commitment requires?

If so, you’re not alone. A recent survey shows that many working professionals share such concerns.

In collaboration with Business Insider, Capella University conducted a poll with Business Insider readers to find out what challenges are keeping them from pursuing their first degree or an advanced degree.


Not surprisingly, time and money topped the list of concerns respondents cited when asked what’s holding them back from getting a degree.

  • 63% say lack of time is the biggest hurdle
  • 44% say money concerns loom large
  • And 25% say commitment is the most daunting issue

It’s a lot of work, right?


But the poll also showed that many readers want a first or additional degree so they can take their career to the next level or in a new direction. And these motivations—coupled with the right approach to education—may be enough to get them past their concerns about time, money, and effort. The infographic below provides a more detailed look at the things that motivate students to pursue degrees—including the kind of flexibility that Capella’s FlexPath self-paced format allows.


Educational Challenges in Taking the Next Step


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