Prefer to go at your own pace?

For students who can’t fit weekly class deadlines into their busy schedule, Capella University’s FlexPath option may be an excellent fit. It offers students the opportunity to complete courses at their own pace.

Students in FlexPath courses learn the same things as students in credit-hour-based courses. The assignments—called authentic assessments—are also the same. But FlexPath students work with Capella coaches to establish their own personal schedule for learning—focusing on competencies they need to develop and spending less time on topic areas in which they already have sufficient knowledge and ability.

Three more details to consider: The degree earned via FlexPath is the same as the equivalent degree earned in the GuidedPath option. However, FlexPath students do not earn credits or grades. Instead, their transcripts outline the competencies they have mastered.* Also, tuition for FlexPath is flat rate rather than paid per credit, which may help you meet your budget, depending on your pace.

Need flexibility? FlexPath may be the right solution for you.

* Transcripts can be provided with credits/grades as necessary.

FlexPath is available in five areas of study: Business, Education, Information Technology, Nursing, and Psychology.

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