If you’ve completed one degree with Capella University and are considering applying for your next one, you might need a refresher on what it takes to apply.

Here is information to guide you through the enrollment process.

1. Submit your application.

Capella’s application process is entirely online. You will need to submit everything—your application, your education and employment history, etc.—via the website.

2. Solidify funding/financing.

Once you’ve decided to apply, begin working on financial aid if that’s part of your plan. Applying for a degree program and applying for financial aid are two separate processes that work together. You don’t want to have to delay starting your next degree program because financial aid hasn’t been arranged.

3. Apply for scholarship opportunities with the university.

Capella offers a variety of scholarship options depending on the degree level, so what was or wasn’t available with your first degree could be different from the next one. Those options change quarterly as well. You can start by visiting the Capella Scholarship page.

4. Attend orientation.

Even if you’ve been through Capella’s required orientation once for your previous degree, there may be new information that you won’t want to miss. Orientation will be a chance to ask your questions and learn about all the resources you’ll need to succeed in this next academic step.

Finally, if at any point in the enrollment process you find yourself with questions or needing assistance, never hesitate to reach out to Capella’s enrollment counselors. They have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to help you navigate this next phase of your journey.

Learn more about applying for enrollment at Capella University.