donald and tracy dudley complete degrees via flexpath

Husband and Wife, Starting School Together

Donald and Tracy Dudley both found the FlexPath format a key to their success in completing their degrees.

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FBI Victim Specialist Becomes Expert in Sex Trafficking Prevention

Renee Murrell, FBI Victim Specialist in Baltimore, pursued a PhD for more knowledge and credibility in her work.

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Interview with Capella Graduate Jeff Green: FBI Agent and Author

“The single most important skill required of any public service practitioner is the ability to lead.” Jeff Green, Ph...

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Mid-Career Success Story: DHA Spurs Professional Growth for Graduate

“I was surprised by the effect of adding “Dr.” to my resume.” Dr. Renate Ilse discusses the career and speaking ...

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Graduate Makes a Bigger Impact with an MSN in Nursing Education

“Nursing is changing so much, so the need for nurse educators is increasingly critical.

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Taking Project Management to a New Level with a PhD

“Ninety-five percent of project management is rooted in communication.” PhD candidate in Project Management tells ho...

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Psychology Degree Broadens Career Possibilities—for Graduate’s Retirement

Terri Masters Cohen was already passionate about her work in child development, but getting her master’s degree increa...

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A PhD in Education Graduate Overcomes Obstacles on the Path to Her Degree

No obstacle was too much for Courtney Bergman. even if it meant completing coursework at 2 am.

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I Didn’t Go Back…I Found My Way Forward: Emily’s FlexPath Story

“My education was on my own schedule, and there's really no way I could have gone back to school without that flexibil...

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