What Is Applied Research in Psychology?

What Is Applied Research in Psychology?

Discover the benefits of an advanced degree in applied research for both clinical professionals and those following an a...


psyd vs phd in psychology

The Difference Between a PsyD and PhD in Psychology

Need help deciding between a PsyD and PhD? Learn the differences between Capella's doctoral degree programs in psycholog...

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fast-growing fields in psychology

Exploring 3 Growing Fields in Psychology [update]

I/O Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and School Psychology. Capella University offers advanced degrees in...


collaboration in psychology, counseling and social work

Collaborative Efforts in Counseling, Clinical Psychology, and Social Work

An overview of the similarities, differences, and collaborative opportunities between counseling, clinical psychology, a...

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clinical psychology vs non-clinical psychology

Differences Between Clinical and Non-Clinical Psychology

The differences between clinical psychology and non-clinical psychology include licensure, education methods, and work e...


do i need residency and fieldwork

Do I Need Both Residency and Fieldwork?

Counseling and psychology graduate programs frequently require both residency and fieldwork. Find out why both are neces...

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which doctor of psychology specialization is right for you

Doctor of Psychology – Which Specialization Is Right for You?

Discover how a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) from Capella University can help you advance your career as a clinical or sch...