which phd in psychology is right for you

PhD in Psychology – Which Specialization Is Right for You?

Learn about the PhD in Psychology specializations available from Capella University and the careers they help prepare yo...


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Quick Guide to EdS, EdD, and PhD Degrees

Compare advanced degree options for K-12 educators, including the Doctor of Education and Education Specialist degrees.

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fast-growing fields in psychology

Exploring 3 Growing Fields in Psychology

As the overall employment of psychologists grows, here are three fields to consider.


5 Ways a Doctoral Degree May Strengthen Your Career

What can a doctoral degree mean to career success, especially outside of education and research?


Questions to Answer Before Applying to a Doctoral Program

From setting goals to researching programs, here’s what you need to research before applying to a doctoral program.


How Do I Balance Getting A Doctoral Degree With My Family And Career?

Advice from Capella advisors and alumni on how to balance the needs of family, career, and a doctoral program.


How Does a Doctoral Program at an Online University Compare to a Traditional University?

The Difference Between Traditional and Online Doctoral Programs

How do online doctoral programs differ from traditional brick-and-mortar ones? A look at five areas of comparison.


Can I Earn a Doctoral Degree Part-Time?

Learn more about the benefits of earning an online doctorate part-time.


Capella EdD Graduate Turns Classroom Concepts into TEDx Talk

Once an avid TED talk viewer, Capella EdD graduate Jeffery Huston became a TEDx presenter, sharing his passion in system...

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