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Can I Transfer Credits Into a Doctoral Program?

Transferring credits to an online doctoral program can help you save time and money—tips from Capella University.


What Are the Steps in Writing a Dissertation?

The dissertation is the crowning achievement of your PhD program. Here are the 5 steps for completing a dissertation.


The Difference Between a Dissertation and Doctoral Capstone

Virtually all PhD and many professional doctorate programs require a dissertation; some professional doctorate programs ...


What Is a Dissertation?

Capella University faculty chair explains the content and format of a dissertation.


5 Funding Options to Consider for Your Doctorate

It’s easy to set goals—but achieving them takes some planning. Here are 5 tips to help you set attainable targets.


How to Fund Your Doctoral Degree: Advice from a Financing Coach

Follow these six steps to finance your doctoral degree—from Capella University.


The Difference Between a DBA Degree and PhD in Business Management

Two doctoral programs focused on business. What are the differences, and which one is right for you?


Why Collaboration is Key to Human Services

Collaboration is the new norm for human services. These 3 examples from the field demonstrate why a multidisciplinary de...

Social Work & Human Services

The Difference Between a PhD in Health Care Administration and a Doctor of Health Administration

Interested in expanding your health care leadership skills and knowledge? Compare a PhD in Health Care Administration an...

Health Sciences