From Brain Tumor to PhD

Kentaya Beeler doesn’t let anything get in the way of her goals...not even a brain tumor.

Business, Student & Alumni Stories

Taking Project Management to a New Level with a PhD

“Ninety-five percent of project management is rooted in communication.” PhD candidate in Project Management tells ho...

Business, Student & Alumni Stories

A PhD in Education Graduate Overcomes Obstacles on the Path to Her Degree

No obstacle was too much for Courtney Bergman. even if it meant completing coursework at 2 am.

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

Their Journey to the PhD: Ana’s Story in Education

Ana Armbrister Bland knows first-hand the rigors of earning a PhD—and the rewards.

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

What Is Addiction Psychology?

Learn about the many facets of addiction psychology and how it's different from addiction counseling.


Their Journey to the PhD: Barbara’s Story in IT

Proving that age is just a number, Barbara earned her PhD in IT Education from Capella University and transitioned into...

Information Technology, Student & Alumni Stories

PhD Candidate and Award-Winning Social Worker Prepares for National Stage

PhD Candidate and Award-Winning Social Worker Prepares for National Stage

A Capella PhD student with extensive social work field experience prepares to take her research to the next level.

Social Work & Human Services, Student & Alumni Stories

dissertation vs doctoral capstone projects

The Difference Between a Dissertation and Doctoral Capstone

A doctoral program culminates in a final project, taking the form of either a dissertation or doctoral capstone.


What is Epidemiology?

What Is Epidemiology?

Take a closer look at the work of epidemiologists and potential career opportunities in the field.

Health Sciences

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