How Can I Finance a Doctoral Degree?

Getting a doctoral degree is a huge task, and financing it is part of the work. Learn some of the ins and outs of financ...


Interview with Mark PhD in Emergency Management

Their Journey to the PhD: Mark’s Story in Emergency Management

A suggestion from colleagues to get his bachelor’s degree ignited a passion for learning. Firefighter Mark Warnick sha...

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Quick Guide to Advanced Degree Programs for Careers in Higher Ed

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What Qualifications Do I Need for a Doctoral Program?

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The Difference Between a PhD in Nonprofit Management and a DPA

Nonprofit management and public administration are public service areas with quite a bit of overlap. So which doctoral p...

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What Makes a Doctoral Degree Application Successful?

Take a closer look at four common requirements of a doctoral degree program application, and the best way to approach ea...


Their Journey to the PhD: Linda’s Story in I/O Psychology

Major General Linda Singh is the first woman and first African American to hold the position of adjutant general in Mary...

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What Is the Study of Human Behavior?

Capella University’s Faculty Chair for Human Behavior and Counseling programs discusses the growing field of human beh...


How Do I Apply to a Doctoral Program?

Applying to a doctoral program can seem daunting. From setting goals and doing research to writing your application, her...