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The Difference Between a PhD in Health Care Administration and a Doctor of Health Administration

Interested in expanding your health care leadership skills and knowledge? Compare a PhD in Health Care Administration an...

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How Can I Publish and Present My PhD Research?

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DrPH Student Tackles Ebola and the Plague—and Dissertation

Matthew Weinburke, like all doctoral learners, faces challenges in the process—but his path to the DrPH has had some u...

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Their Journey to the PhD: Twanna’s Story in Human Services

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Graduate Experiences the Benefits of a Doctor of Social Work Degree

While an MSW is often considered the terminal degree for social work, a doctoral degree in social work can open doors to...

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5 Must-Reads for Doctoral Students

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Interview with Capella Faculty Emeritus and Author Dr. Mark Rossman

Dr. Mark Rossman and his family have a rich history with Capella, dating back since its inception. This facilitator-turn...

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Can I Transfer Credits Into a Doctoral Program?

Here are a few tips for transferring credits into an online doctoral program at Capella.


How Can I Finance a Doctoral Degree?

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