a week in the life of a doctoral student

A Week in the Life of a Doctoral Student

Two PhD students at Capella University share what an average week looks like in their different programs.

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Graduate Plans to Increase Diversity in Nursing

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Their Journey to the PhD: Rebekah’s Story in Training & Performance Improvement

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10 Questions with Capella Education Technology Graduate Dr. Will Deyamport III

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emerging issues in public health

Leadership in Public Health: Preparing for Emerging Issues

What makes an effective leader in public health? Defining the top public health issues and leadership characteristics re...

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From A to Z: Doctoral Degree Glossary

A doctoral degree program has many components. Here’s a handy list of terms and definitions to help you navigate the p...


phd in information technology vs doctor of information technology

Choosing a PhD or Professional Doctorate in IT—What’s the Difference?

There are two doctoral degree options in IT. Learn more about their similarities and differences.

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