collaboration in human services

Why Collaboration is Key to Human Services

Collaboration is the new norm for human services. Three examples from the field demonstrate why a multidisciplinary degr...

Social Work & Human Services

The Leadership Landscape in Charter Schools

Looking for leadership opportunities in education? Find out why charter schools offer innovation and leadership position...


steps in writing a dissertation

What Are the Steps in Writing a Dissertation?

The doctoral dissertation is an extensive undertaking. Here are the steps and milestones in completing a dissertation at...


Their Journey to the PhD: Jerry’s Story in Criminal Justice

Wondering what a PhD can do for your career? It gave a Capella University graduate the necessary credentials to transiti...

Public Service, Student & Alumni Stories

What Is a Dissertation?

A Capella University research chair explains the content and format of a dissertation.


Their Journey to the PhD: Wendy’s Story in Higher Education

A Capella University graduate shares how her PhD has allowed her to not only “talk the talk”, but also “walk the w...

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

what is doctoral residency

What Is a Doctoral Residency?

Residency help prepare doctoral students for comprehensive exams and dissertation research and writing.


What Are the Steps in Getting a Professional Doctorate?

The steps in getting a professional doctorate vary across degree programs and universities. Here are the stages you coul...


Franciscan Priest and Capella Graduate Named Saint Francis University President

Father Malachi Van Tassell shares the story of his wide-ranging career, and how his PhD helped him achieve his goals.

Education, Student & Alumni Stories