Why Health Care Needs More Pit Crews and Less Cowboys

As health care payment methods evolve, approaching direct care as a team can help control costs.

Health Sciences, Nursing

5 Strategies to Help Break the Stigma of Mental Illness

Learn five strategies for nurses and health care providers to help break the stigma of mental illness—from Capella Uni...


3 Steps to Incorporating AI into a Health Care Organization

Artificial intelligence can help health care organizations combat rising costs and improve patient care.

Business, Health Sciences, Nursing

Why We Need to Treat Health and Wellness as Core to Business Success

Organizations that make health and wellness a business priority are better positioned for success.


5 Things Nurses Need to Prepare for 2030

How nursing will look in 2030 begins with deep thinking today about where the profession should be headed.


How Capella Helps Break the Stigma of Mental Illness

Learn how Capella University students and faculty and are helping to break the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Counseling, Student & Alumni Stories

5 Ways Capella Supports Educators

Capella University support educators on their path to advanced degrees in the field of education. Here’s how.

Education, Inside Capella

Why Health Care Leaders Need to Start Thinking Like ‘Disruptors’

As escalating costs pose an existential threat to health care, health care leaders need to think like disruptors.

Health Sciences, Nursing

Nurses Unite for Global “Nursing Now” Campaign

The Nursing Now campaign is a global initiative that aims to raise the status and profile of nurses worldwide.


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