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3 Ways FlexPath is Changing Higher Ed

Five years after launch, new studies on Capella’s FlexPath format have been completed—and the news is good.

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5 Tips for Successful Goal Setting

It’s easy to set goals—but achieving them takes some planning. Here are 5 tips to help you set attainable targets.

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8 Reasons To Choose Online Education

Is online education right for you? Find out why adults increasingly choose to earn university degrees online.

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Earning an MEd Degree the FlexPath Way

Bridget Spackman wanted an advanced degree; the FlexPath format made that a reality at Capella University.


Teacher and YouTuber Finds Necessary Flexibility with FlexPath

Michelle Ferre, classroom teacher and YouTuber, was drawn to the flexibility of the FlexPath format for her MEd.

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4 Reasons Why Executives are Returning to School—Online

Discover four reasons why some executives are returning to school and learning online.

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Completing a Bachelor’s with FlexPath: Mary’s Story

An HR manager shares her career path, how it led to finishing her degree, and why Capella’s FlexPath learning format w...

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4 Ways Online Education Can Serve Busy Adults

Going back to school as an adult doesn’t have to be stressful. Here’s how online education can make it manageable.

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What to Expect When You Pursue Your Degree Online

Do you have hesitations about returning to school online? Discover the benefits of an online format.

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