interview with shad smith

Interview with Capella Graduate Shad Smith: A Career Transition in Progress

Capella DHA graduate Shad Smith shares how he successfully transitioned his career from sports medicine to health care a...

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generational differences in the workforce

Generational Differences in Public Health and Health Administration

Two Capella faculty share their insights into generational differences throughout the workforce.

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how to start and grow career in health administration

How to Start and Grow a Career in Health Care Administration

The health care sector is growing, and along with it, career opportunities in health care administration. Here are 3 car...

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Mid-Career Success Story: DHA Spurs Professional Growth for Graduate

“I was surprised by the effect of adding “Dr.” to my resume.” Dr. Renate Ilse discusses the career and speaking ...

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health care reform changing health care industry

How Health Care Reform is Changing the Health Care Industry [update]

The Affordable Care Act is transforming the health care industry from the inside out.

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phd in health care administration vs dha

The Difference Between a PhD in Health Care Administration and a Doctor of Health Administration

Interested in expanding your health care leadership skills and knowledge? Compare a PhD in Health Care Administration an...

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master's in health administration student interview

Advanced Learning and a New Job Are Intertwined for Capella Student

Capella student Cody Bohm is making the move from bedside nursing to leadership while in the process of pursuing his Mas...

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blogs for health care professionals

4 Notable Blogs for Health Care Professionals

Blogs are a great way to stay current on health care trends. Here are 4 health-related blogs to kick-start or continue y...

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10 Questions with Capella Health Administration Faculty Member Dr. Darleen Barnard

Health administration faculty member Dr. Darleen Barnard discusses the health care industry, including her take on the b...

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