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5 Blogs for Health IT Professionals

Here are five must-read blogs for health IT professionals.

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informatics in health care

The Spectrum of Informatics in Health Care

Informatics is a growing part of health care. Learn about the differences in nursing, health care, and IT informatics ro...

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Health Care Technology: Trends and Skills Gap Align

“We need to put the pieces together and learn to ask the right questions.” John Daniels, Global VP of HIMSS Analytic...

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10 Questions with Capella Health Administration Faculty Member Dr. Darleen Barnard

Health administration faculty member Dr. Darleen Barnard discusses the health care industry, including her take on the b...

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The Difference Between Health Care and Nursing Informatics

A quick guide to how health care and nursing informatics are related, how they're different, and potential career paths ...

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