Quick Guide to EdS, EdD, and PhD Degrees

Compare advanced degree options for K-12 educators, including the Doctor of Education and Education Specialist degrees.

Education, PhD/Doctorate

Exploring 5 Non-Teaching Careers in K-12 Education

Technology use and integration in education is growing, with many career options in and outside the classroom.


Professional Development for Teachers: Starting Your 1:1 Classroom

Good news for teachers prepping to take on a 1:1 classroom—there are resources available to help better understand and...


Graduate Transforms Education through Technology

Capella graduate Jennifer Hernandez is using the knowledge from her online EdD program to technologically transform her ...


Which K-12 Education Career Path Is Best for Me?

A list of career paths and potential specializations and degrees in K-12 education.


EdTech Professional Development Offers Direct Application for Teachers

Educators have access to free professional development courses from Capella. This teacher found them invaluable.

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

10 Tips for Implementing EdTech in School Districts

How can K-12 teachers and administrators keep up with the rapid pace of technological change—and help their students, ...


How to Deal with a Flipped Classroom Flop

Are you a K-12 teacher, struggling with the flipped classroom concept? Learn how to keep your flip from flopping—or fi...


Choosing the Right K-12 Master’s in Education for You

There are many specializations in K-12 education, so which master’s degree is right for you? A look at 12 options for ...


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