human resource certifications

7 Human Resource Management Certifications for Your Career

There are many options for human resource management certifications. Which are right for you and your next career move?


career paths in sports psychology

3 Career Paths with a Sport Psychology Degree

An athlete’s performance is influenced as much by mental state as physical ability.


Interview with Capella Faculty Emeritus and Author Dr. Mark Rossman

Dr. Mark Rossman and his family have a rich history with Capella, dating back since its inception. This facilitator-turn...

Inside Capella

10 Questions with Capella I/O Psychology Graduate Chelle O’Keefe

A master’s in industrial/organizational psychology has daily relevance in this Capella graduate’s role as a senior e...

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master's in health administration student interview

Advanced Learning and a New Job Are Intertwined for Capella Student

Capella student Cody Bohm is making the move from bedside nursing to leadership while in the process of pursuing his Mas...

Health Sciences

Exploring the Spectrum of Addiction Treatment

Addictions are the nation’s number one health problem. Learn to become part of the solution in Capella University’s ...


clinical psychology vs non-clinical psychology

Differences Between Clinical and Non-Clinical Psychology

The differences between clinical psychology and non-clinical psychology include licensure, education methods, and work e...


what is human behavior

What Is the Study of Human Behavior?

Capella University’s Faculty Chair for Human Behavior and Counseling programs discusses the growing field of human beh...


6 Reasons to Get a Degree in Care Coordination

Care coordination is a key tool in improving patient health and controlling health care costs. Check out six reasons to ...