Exploring the Spectrum of Addiction Treatment

Addictions are the nation’s number one health problem. Learn to become part of the solution in Capella University’s ...


clinical psychology vs non-clinical psychology

Differences Between Clinical and Non-Clinical Psychology

The differences between clinical psychology and non-clinical psychology include licensure, education methods, and work e...


what is human behavior

What Is the Study of Human Behavior?

Capella University’s Faculty Chair for Human Behavior and Counseling programs discusses the growing field of human beh...


Nerdy Nurse Talks Informatics

Brittney Wilson, the self-proclaimed Nerdy Nurse, is an award-winning author, blogger, and clinical informatics nurse. S...


Student Uses Informatics to Influence and Inspire Patient Care

An inside look at how one Capella nursing student uses technology in patient care at a Magnet hospital, and his plans fo...

Nursing, Student & Alumni Stories

what is child and adolescent development

What Is Child and Adolescent Development?

Society, family, and culture all play a role in the development of children and adolescents.


10 Questions with Capella Health Administration Faculty Member Dr. Darleen Barnard

Health administration faculty member Dr. Darleen Barnard discusses the health care industry, including her take on the b...

Health Sciences

non clinical psychology careers

Beyond Clinical Psychology: 4 Careers with an MS Degree

A master’s in psychology can take you in directions beyond traditional counseling. Explore career options in business,...


what is sports psychology

What Is Sport Psychology?

Sports psychology goes beyond helping professional athletes overcome performance anxiety.