The Difference Between a Specialized MBA and Self-Designed MBA

Determine which type of MBA is the right fit to help you further your career goals.


The Difference Between an MBA and an MS in Information Technology

Compare an MBA and MS to determine which advanced degree is right for your IT career goals.

Business, Information Technology

Is a Self-Designed Online MBA Right For You?

A self-designed online MBA allows students to customize their program to fit specific needs and career goals.


Why Get an MBA?

Looking at online MBA programs? Here are four benefits of an MBA from Capella faculty.


Which Online MBA Program Is Right for You?

Ready to take the next step in your business career? If you’re looking at an online MBA program, here are four special...


Which Degree Is Right for You? MBA vs MS in Human Resource Management

Three questions to help you determine your ideal HR degree path.


Exploring Medical Technology Startup Careers with an MBA in Health Care Management

By combining business and health care skills, an MBA can often prepare you to work at a medical technology startup.

Business, Health Sciences

The Difference Between an MHA and MBA in Health Care Management

Review the similarities and differences in an MHA and MBA with a health care focus.

Business, Health Sciences

Social Entrepreneurship: Turn Your Passion for a Cause into a Business

Can an online MBA help you advance a cause important to you? Three examples of social entrepreneurs creating change with...


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