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A Nurse at the Intersection of Finance and Health Care

Nacole is a nurse who chose to pursue an MBA. Learn why.

Health Sciences

4 Differences Between Accountants and CPAs

An accountant must meet specific requirements, and sit for the exam, to become a CPA.


7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Own Business

Before starting your own business, set yourself up for success with these seven key questions.

Business, Career

I'm a Nurse with a BSN. Which Master’s Degree Is Right for Me?

Nurses – Find out which master’s degree is right for you with this overview from Capella University.


Developing Leaders Who Bring Their Whole Selves to Work

Organizations competing for talent in a tight job market are embracing more holistic approach to leadership development.


How To Know Which MBA Program is Right for You

Determine which type of MBA is the right fit to help you further your career goals.


The Difference Between an MBA and an MS in Information Technology

Compare an MBA and MS to determine which advanced degree is right for your IT career goals.

Business, Information Technology

Why a Customized Online MBA May Be Right for You

A self-designed online MBA allows students to customize their program to fit specific needs and career goals.


Why Get an MBA?

Looking at online MBA programs? Here are four benefits of an MBA from Capella faculty.