10 Questions with Capella Business Faculty Member Rebecca Snarski, PhD

“People underestimate how important communication is.” Dr. Rebecca Snarski shares her love of writing and communicat...


How to Overcome 5 Project Management Pitfalls

Project management pitfalls can be costly and time-consuming. An MBA in Project Management provides effective communicat...


Realize Your Dreams: A Capella Dean Speaks from Experience

Capella University Dean of Business Barbara Butts Williams shares how she became a leader in higher education.

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why get an mba

Why Get an MBA?

Looking at online MBA programs? Here are four benefits and a few of the career choices available to graduates.


Accounting 2015: 4 Trends to Watch

An MBA in Accounting gives you added skills when it comes to these top accounting trends. Learn what’s hot in accounti...


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Differences in Study: Information Technology MBA vs. MS

Interested in pursuing an advanced information technology degree? Compare an MBA and MS and determine which is right for...

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master's for nurses with bsn

I’m a Nurse with a BSN. Which Master’s Degree Is Right for Me?

A BSN is only the beginning. If you're a nurse interested in an advanced degree, consider your interests and career goal...


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