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DBA as Springboard for Future Success

Renee Pizarro’s DBA advances her current work and prepares her for building new enterprises of her own.


8 Reasons To Choose Online Education

Is online education right for you? Find out why adults increasingly choose to earn university degrees online.

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Best Tablets for Use in Online Classes

Want to know what tablets work best for online classes? Find out what’s working for Capella University students.

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What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an important factor to look for when choosing a college.

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Online Master’s in Counseling: Virtual + Hands-On Preparation

Combine theory and hands-on training in a counseling or therapy program from Capella University.


The Difference Between Traditional and Online Doctoral Programs

How do online doctoral programs differ from traditional brick-and-mortar ones? A look at five areas of comparison.


Can I Earn a Doctoral Degree Part-Time?

Learn more about the benefits of earning an online doctorate part-time.


Competency-Based Education Glossary

Find definitions of competency, direct assessment, and self-paced learning in this CBE glossary.

Competency-Based Education

4 Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning can be a great fit for people who want to continue living their lives while earning a degree.

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