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Field Education Gives Social Work Students Real-World Experience

Field education is an essential part of an MSW program to prepare students for real-world social work jobs.

Social Work & Human Services

4 Essential Podcasts for Social Workers

Keeping up with changes and developments in social work can be easier with these essential podcasts.

Social Work & Human Services

Collaborative Efforts in Counseling, Clinical Psychology, and Social Work

An overview of the similarities, differences, and collaborative opportunities between counseling, clinical psychology, a...

Counseling, Psychology, Social Work & Human Services

The Growing Use of Technology in Social Work

Technology is becoming an important part of the field of social work.

Social Work & Human Services

The Difference Between a PhD in Social Work and Doctor of Social Work

Considering a doctoral degree in social work? Take a look at the difference between a PhD and a DSW.

PhD/Doctorate, Social Work & Human Services

Social Work: A Wide Array of Career Opportunities

Kateri Ray, Capella University social work faculty, shares her career journey in an area that’s surprisingly diverse.

Social Work & Human Services

The Difference Between Marriage and Family Therapy & Social Work

A guide to the differences between and career opportunities in the fields of marriage and family therapy and social work...

Counseling, Social Work & Human Services

Graduate Experiences the Benefits of a Doctor of Social Work Degree

While an MSW is often considered the terminal degree for social work, a doctoral degree in social work can open doors to...

Social Work & Human Services, Student & Alumni Stories

What Is Social Work?

Social work is a wide ranging field focused on improving the lives of others. Learn about potential careers and what ski...

Social Work & Human Services