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Meet 2017 Women Who Code Scholarship Winner Louise Clark

“Perhaps most people don’t look at code and think ‘That’s so interesting,’ but I did.”

Information Technology, Student & Alumni Stories

FlexPath a Perfect Fit for Nurse Blogger

Flexibility and the opportunity to leverage work experience drew nurse, mom, blogger, and author Kati Kleber to Capella.

Nursing, Student & Alumni Stories

EdD Student Changes Lives with a Letter

A letter to Ellen DeGeneres about her school’s success at sending kids to college wound up getting EdD student Natasha...

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

What’s It Like to Get Your MBA Through FlexPath? This VP Tells All.

During the first few months of her MBA program, FlexPath student Coni Pasch recorded what it’s like balancing life wit...

Competency-Based Education, Student & Alumni Stories

PhD in Education Student Honored in 2016 at the White House

In 2016, the White House rolled out the red carpet for Todd Roastey and other outstanding school counselors from across ...

Education, Student & Alumni Stories

Capella PhD Student Shares 4 Tips on Enhancing Your Social Media Presence

Capella PhD student Sabrina Kizzie shares her tips on how to use social media to boost your online profile.

Business, Student & Alumni Stories

Student Pursues Degree and Certifications with Capella’s Help

Capella student Cody Dostal dreams of working for the CIA or NSA, and he’s confident his bachelor’s in information s...

Information Technology, Student & Alumni Stories

DrPH Student Tackles Ebola and the Plague—and Dissertation

Matthew Weinburke, like all doctoral learners, faces challenges in the process—but his path to the DrPH has had some u...

Health Sciences, Student & Alumni Stories

Capella Business Leader Award Recipients Visit New York City

In December, three Capella students received the Business Leader Award. The winners share highlights of their trip to Ne...

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