Graduate Finds Career Center Crucial to Career Journey

Prepping for interviews, structuring a resume, and networking. These are a few of Capella’s Career Center services ins...


A Guide to Academic Support at Capella

Are you interested in an online degree but worried about the support you will receive? Here's a sampling of academic res...

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Coaches Support FlexPath Students to the Finish

In Capella's FlexPath learning format, coaches offer assurance, advice, and assistance as they help students navigate th...

Competency-Based Education

The Importance of Support Networks for Adult Students

Tackle the challenge of earning your degree as a working adult with the help of support networks both in and out of scho...

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A Guide to Student Support and Community at Capella

Capella University offers staff-provided and community-based support.

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Diversity Makes a Difference at Capella

Learn how Capella is working to infuse diversity in every aspect of the learning experience.

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Capella Students and Graduates Share Their Advice for Future Students

No one knows more about what it takes to get an online degree than someone who has been through it. Capella University s...

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Capella Support Services in Action

Going back to school is similar to many other challenges in life—it’s better if you don’t have to go it alone. See...

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Enrollment Services: Your Guide to Starting an Online Degree Program

Interested in an online degree? An enrollment counselor can help you find which program best fits your needs, apply for ...

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