Criminal Justice. Emergency Management. Human Services. Nonprofit Management. Public Administration. Social Work. These five areas make up Capella University’s School of Public Service Leadership, and in 2015, the Capella University Blog featured 19 posts on these topics.

Many profiled Capella faculty, students, alumni, and industry experts like Kay Goss. There’s even a post on how public service careers on television measure up to the experience in real life.

Here are the five most read posts this year.


5. Why Collaboration Is Key to Human Services


Human services organizations frequently collaborate with health care, public safety and public administration organizations, demonstrating why a multidisciplinary degree program is important.


4. Working Together: Examples of Social Work Collaboration


Keeping with the collaboration theme, working on and with multidisciplinary teams is also common in social work. This post outlines examples of this collaboration and lessons for ongoing success.


3. Find the Right Human Services Career for You


Jobs in human services range from working directly with clients, to managing organizations, to building infrastructures. Examples of high-touch, mid-touch, and low-touch careers are provided.


2. 4 Skills You Need to Enhance Your Government Career


The four skills highlighted in this post are essential to be effective and advance in any government career.


 1. The Difference Between a PhD in Social Work and Doctor of Social Work


Closely following the decision to pursue a doctoral degree is the decision about which degree to pursue. There are a few key differences between a PhD in Social Work and a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) – this post takes you through them.




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